For psychological counseling, the student can contact his/her family practitioner, who can refer to the appropriate service provider.


In case of a crisis, you can get help fast from here:

Psychiatry Clinic Acute cases emergency room in Tartu – 731 8764 (24h) Raja tn 31;

Victim support – 116 006 (24h)

Tartu Counseling and Crisis Help Center – 742 7555 or 5551 7427, tnk (at)

State helpline  The state helpline is an information number operating next to the emergency number 112, which offers information and advice in Estonian, Russian and English 24 hours a day in situations where life, health and property are not endangered. – 1247



Online psychological support is provided by:
The tasks of MTÜ Peaasjad include the promotion of young people’s mental health, the prevention of problems, early intervention, and the reduction of stigmatisation in our society.
Free and anonymous online psychological counselling. The counselling service is provided by a select group of senior psychology students and alumni of the University of Tartu and Tallinn University.

Mental health during the emergency situation

Psychological counseling services are also provided by:

Katriito Nõustamis- ja Psühhoteraapiakeskus (Mõisavahe 34c, telefon 56 29 7411,

Ambromed psühhiaatriakliinik (Lai 28, phone 745 1175,

E.G.U. Erapraksis (Kivi 23, phone 550 0355,

AJK Kliinik (Vaksali 17a, phone 57 49 39 60,

OÜ Jaanson & Lääne (Puusepa 3, phone 517 7222,

ProVida Kliinik (Tähe 95, phone 5912 7991,

Eesti Pereteraapia Keskus (Riia 15b,



Information about health insurance, family practitioner, specialised medical care, emergency medical service etc for Erasmus+ students can be found from here: