Tartu is situated in southern Estonia and connects to the world primarily through Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. The distance between the two is approximately 200 kilometers, or about 2,5 hours by express coach or car.

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Additional information you will need about your time in Estonia:

Residence permit


And information about health care:

Health insurance

Family practitioner

Specialised medical care

Emergency medical service and accident ward





In order to obtain the right of temporary residence EU citizens must register themselves as citizens of Tartu within three months from the date of entering Estonia. That can be done in the Population Register Office in Tartu, Küüni str. 5.

Required documents for the registration:

  • the identity document of an applicant;
  • a housing contract.

After that you will be issued an ID number.

Within the period of one month from the acquisition of the right of temporary residence, you must contact personally Police and Border Guard Tartu Service Point to apply for an identity card which certifies your right of temporary residence.

Required documents for the identity card:

  • the application form (you do not have to complete the application form before you come to the Migration Office);
  • the identity document of an applicant;
  • a coloured photograph sized 40×50 mm (can be done on spot);
  • a document certifying the payment of the state fee.

EU citizens must pay the state fee of 25 EUR


EU/EEA citizens have the right to recieve medical treatment in case of emergency or unexpected illness on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that you need to apply for from the social service authorities in your home country before arriving in Estonia.
NB! EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance.

Non-EU/EAA citizens
Students from Non-EU/EEA countries have to obtain internationally valid private health insurance. Please make sure that the following conditions are met and clearly stated:

• Students must obtain a health insurance that clearly states the validity period and area of the policy. It must clearly state that the policy is valid in Estonia.
• The health insurance policy must state very explicitly that any costs related to students’ medical treatment as a result of illness or injury during the period of validity of the residence permit applied for will be met.
• There can be no reference to the fact that insurance is guaranteed in case of unavoidable medical treatment. A travel agreement is not acceptable.
Such health insurance policy guarantees that all necessary needs are met and students will avoid double costs. The purpose of health insurance in Estonia is to cover the costs of health services provided to insured persons, prevent and cure diseases, finance the purchase of medical products and medical technical aids, and provide the benefits for temporary incapacity for work and other benefits.


All insured people should choose a family practitioner, who is the first contact point in case of illness. The family practitioner treats minor illnesses, can make home visits and gives referrals to visit a medical specialist.

Family practitioner who speaks English for Pallas UAS Erasmus students:

Dr. Maire Frorip
tel +372 7423005

Do not forget to take your EHIC or private health insurance documents with you.

No referral is needed to visit a psychiatrist, gynaecologist, dermatovenerologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, pulmonologist (for tuberculosis treatment), infection specialist (for HIV/AIDS treatment), surgeon or orthopaedist (for traumatology).

For more information on family practitioners, see the website of Estonian Health Insurance Fund. The list of family practitioners in Tartu is available on the city of Tartu’s website (in Estonian).

Family practitioners serve people according to the registration, please call beforehand and make an appointment. You must pay for the health services, provided by the family practitioner, yourself. Keep all the cost documents and referrals and apply for compensation from your insurance provider.

Visit costs approx. 20 EUR, plus fees of other procedures done by the practitioner.

There is also 24-hour medical telephone counselling, call 1220. The service is guaranteed in Estonian and Russian. If using foreign mobile network operator, please dial +372 634 66 30 for medical counselling.


All visits to medical specialists are organized via the family practitioner except for specialists. International students are advised to consult the family practitioner when choosing a particular medical specialist. Visit fee for a medical specialist is 5 EUR. However, some appointment times are outside the insurance scheme and then the visit fee may be much higher. It is advisable to ask about the visit fee when making the appointment.

Medical specialist may find that you need hospitalisation. If you are insured, in-patient fee of 2.50 EUR per day is charged for up to 10 days per hospitalisation.

In most cases, you should only pay the visit fee and the doctor will send invoices for the rest of the costs directly to your insurance provider. If the doctor you visit does not have a contract with the insurance provider for the compensation of cost, you must pay the full cost of the health service yourself. In that case, keep all the cost documents and referrals and apply for compensation from your insurance provider.  If you have any problems using your (private) health insurance in Estonia, you can ask for information and advice from your insurance provider or the Estonian Health Insurance Fund by calling their information line 16363.


One can reach an ambulance on 112 from all over Estonia.

The accident ward and the emergency medical service unit are open 24/7 and you may seek help from them especially at weekends and at night time when family practitioners are off duty. In Tartu, both the emergency medical care unit and the accident ward are located in Puusepa St. 8. In the case of emergency treatment, you may always go to the emergency reception or call an ambulance.

Transportation by ambulance in the case of emergency is free of charge. Visit fee of 5 EUR can be charged if you go to the emergency reception.

Emergency medical care unit
L. Puusepa 8, Section G1
Tel: 731 8195, 731 8202


For adults, dental care is not free of charge. Usual visit may cost from 20 EUR upwards depending on the problem. There are many dental care providers in Tartu, the most central one is the Stomatology Clinic of Tartu University (Town Hall Square 6, 2nd floor, tel. 731 9100).

You can find information on dental care providers on the city of Tartu’s website (in Estonian, please ask further assistance from your tutor).


The most central pharmacy is Tartu Raeapteek in the town hall building (at Town Hall Square), open 24 hours. However, there are many pharmacies all around the city (also in most shopping centers).