3rd year students of Pallas UAS Department of Textile explore their personal stories through textile medium


Joint exhibition “Art as a liberating experience. Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping ” in gallery Pallas

“DuVallon Art Rally Pallas Summer School. Robi Zuts ja Olari Pilnik ” in gallery Pallas

Flows into Being. Eighth Estonian Small-Scale Sculpture Exhibition and the Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Sculptors’ Union

Exhibition “About Fear” by the students of the Pallas’s department of sculpture in Potsdam, Germany

At the Water’s Edge. Kadri Lipping and Talia in Gallery Pallas

Exhibition Day Palace by Huupi in Gallery Pallas

There’s Time There’s No Time. Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap at Gallery Pallas

Exhibition “LEND 2021” at gallery Pallas