Study opportunities at Pallas for Ukrainian art students

‘Supermarket’, a graphic design exhibition by the Department of Media Design students at gallery Pallas

Lotta Karoliina Räsänen’s exhibition “The next day I noticed I had returned” at Gallery Pallas

Department of Leather Design presents: international exhibition “WITH OR WITHOUT LEATHER” at Gallery Pallas

Pallas design students present design solutions inspired by emptiness at the Stockholm Fair

Anna Hints, the graduate of the Department of Photography, won the Best Director Award for documentary films at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah, USA

Peeter Linnap’s exhibition Stairway to heaven

AT LEAST YOU HAVE AN APPLE. An exhibition by photography students of Pallas

Inta Ruka’s “My Fellow Country People” in gallery Pallas

OUT / SIDE – Exhibition of three ERASMUS students in Pallas University of Applied Sciences