Study opportunities at Pallas for Ukrainian art students

Anatomy of a design I. Kerli Jõgi

Pallas University of Applied Sciences student group exhibition “Aju, kaasa / Brain, to-go”

Hedi Kuhi, laureate of the Hotel Pallas painting scholarship, opens her solo exhibition in Tartu Art House

Tarrvi Laamann opens his comprehensive art exhibition “ME DEYA” in gallery Pallas

Group exhibition “Ürgausus / Primal Honesty”

International group exhibition “±5″”

Exhibitions by professional doctoral students of the Art Academy of Latvia „Don´t Dream It´s Over“ and by painting students from Pallas „The Impossible Dream“

‘Supermarket’, a graphic design exhibition by the Department of Media Design students at gallery Pallas

Lotta Karoliina Räsänen’s exhibition “The next day I noticed I had returned” at Gallery Pallas