Pallas University of Applied Sciences is the only higher education institution of applied arts in Estonia. Pallas provides studies in three focus areas (design, conservation/restoration and the arts),
which are organised into seven curricula: photography, painting and restoration, media and advertisement design, furniture design and restoration, leather design and restoration, sculpture
and textile

The role of Pallas in Estonia’s higher education system is to train creative people equipped with strong practical skills and theoretical knowledge, who would also be qualified to enter the labour market or continue in Master’s studies. 


Pallas is a recognised centre of art education, initiating changes in the creative sector, valuing traditions and leading innovation in the fields of art, design, conservation and restoration in cooperation with its partners.


Pallas promotes teaching arts at a higher educational level, conducts both applied and academic research in the field of arts, design, conservation and restoration and creates the necessary environment for students to develop a sense of creativity and responsibility.

Pallas cooperates with the community and other educational institutions and establishments, supporting the development of a creative and sustainable society and lifelong learning.



All of Pallas University of Applied Sciences degree programs are internationally accredited. In 2016, Pallas University of Applied Sciences successfully passed institutional accreditation and received commendation for service to society.

Core values of Pallas University of Applied Sciences


To initiate, to experiment, to make mistakes, to trust, to do things differently.

To expand boundaries, to be unique, to notice and discover, to be inspired, to be spontaneous.

To change, to transform, to cooperate, for diversity, for the world.

To act as a team, to maintain consistency, to be ethical and empathetic, to ensure quality art education, to act in an environmentally conscious way.

To make choices, to have self-esteem, to be different, to be an independent creator, to be critical.