Study opportunities at Pallas for Ukrainian art students


Pallas University of Applied Sciences is prepared to offer study opportunities for Ukrainian art students whose studies have been interrupted by the war. We approach every Ukrainian student on a case-by-case basis. 


2023/2024 academic year, full-time studies.
Ukrainian citizens can apply for all the curricula of Pallas (4 years, Bachelor level).  The prerequisite for acceptance to Pallas is successfully passing the entrance exams. Admission information can be found here.
Entrance exams are web-based,  in Estonian. The student candidate can translate the tasks to their native language.
Pallas is prepared to conduct motivational exam in a foreign language.

The official language of full-time studies is Estonian. 

Steps to take:
– Send your secondary education graduation documents to Estonian ENIC/NARIC centre for approval at first possibility.;
– Email the result to our academic affairs specialist Piret Märgiste: You will be assisted to register to application info system SAIS.
– If you have proof of previous art studies at a higher education level (transcript of records, content description of each course), it may be possible to use these courses for covering the curriculum at Pallas to an extent. Taking into consideration the previous academic results may shorten the duration of studies. The first step is still taking all the entrance exams. 

In case accepted to Pallas, the necessary Estonian language skills (B1) can be acquired by completing an extra year of language studies at the University of Tartu before starting with speciality studies at Pallas
B1 level Estonian certificate allows access to speciality studies at Pallas without extra language year.

Academic year starts at the beginning of September.


2023/2024 academic year, Erasmus curriculum (single courses)
If a student has studied in Ukraine in a curriculum in the field of art, design or restoration at the Bachelor or applied higher education level, he/she can apply for the Erasmus curriculum subjects where instruction is in English.


Pallas may require proof of previous skills in the respective field (portfolio, etc).

The list of courses can be found here (please choose ‘Eng’ from the left). An individual study plan will be prepared for each student. A certificate will be issued upon completion of a course. 


If you are interested in studying at Pallas please contact International relations manager Marilin Aasoja


All contacts for finding temporary accommodation, settling in, applying for a personal identification code, finding a job, etc can be found here in four languages:

Information for Ukrainian refugees and donation opportunities



Marilin Aasoja
Pallas University of Applied Sciences
International relations manager