Tartu Interdistsiplinaar: exhibition “Liminal space” in Gallery Pallas

Tartu Interdistsiplinaar will open on 23. August with an exhibition called “Liminal space” in Gallery Pallas. It will run through two floors and bring together five different artists whose works will create a one of a kind mosaic like exhibition. The name of the exhibition “Liminal space” refers to a space that is always in transition. The space will come alive through the objects (art works) and the relations that will form in their symbiosis, as well as the spectators’ presence.

The projects that will come together in this dynamic space are:

August 23 at 15:00 //LiveWalk// – German/Austrian group of artists raumarbeiterinnen (Kerstin Reyer, Simone Barlian, Sophie Netzer, Theresa Muhl) studies the connections between bodies and architecture. For the festival Raumarbeiterinnen is putting together a performance that connects Tartu’s physical urban space with a virtual one.

//Estnische Geschihten / Estonian stories// – German artist Uwe Schloen presents a piece that offers a performative approach to Baltic German culture. The piece brings together German humor and fragments of Estonian identity that form an interesting sound installation.

//Cosidos / Sewn// – Spanish artist Raquel Ruiz Fraile presents an installation called „Cosidos“ which is nothing more than a reminiscence created to keep alive the memory of a crucial moment in her life.
August 24 at 17:00 //Bailando cosidos / Dancing while stiched// – Raquel Ruiz Fraile performance

//Landscapes of sound// – Sound engineer Hannes Einpaul creates a small photo exhibition that shows a way to experience photos that are transformed into visuals of sound, generated with spectrograms, leaving more space for different interpretations. The installation shows how to listen to light and shadows and the upper and lower edge of a photo.

//A dream catalog// – The dream catalog tells you what people dream about, whether it’s living in dreams, flying a kite, crumbling slowly like a mountain, always running and flowing and living happily or befriending a horse or buying a fast red car or … ! You can add your own dreams to the catalog at the exhibition. What is your dream?

The exhibition entrance is FREE!

Exhibition will be open until 17th of September.

More information: http://interdistsiplinaar.ee/

Additional information:
Lisanna Annus
[TI] communication
+372 53 007 522

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tu-Sa 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Author of the cover photo Rene Jakobson