Shadow sides. Group exhibition by Pallas´ third year sculpture students

Gallery Pallas
Shadow sides. Group exhibition by Pallas´ third year sculpture students

The group exhibition “Shadow Sides” by the third year students of the sculpture department will be opened on 12.01 at 17:00 in Gallery Pallas

“Not everything is black or white, or rather, nothing is black or white. Be it big political questions or our inner feelings. Nuances, shades and opposites are a part of our life, but inevitably, every time we act like we have reached a dead end. But what is behind that shadow? And what is stopping us?” contemplate the young artists about the exhibition on the first floor of the gallery.

The exhibition was completed as the final work of the sculpture project that took place in the fall semester. The project is an ongoing specialty-focused creative practice that is flexible and personality-centered in terms of the form of study. The overall goal of the academic subject is to increase the students’ professional self-awareness and help position themselves as independent authors.

The exhibition features eight different hidden sculptures that somehow play with sculpture as a form, material or its perspective. These are tricky works that, when revealed and examined more closely, shatter prejudices about the actual work.

Course tutor and exhibition curator: Stella Mõttus
Participating students: Carmen Ööbik, Elena Madaminova, Lotta Karoliina Räsanen, Raigo Kannike, Rasmus Hirv, S. Tsäko, Toomas Bent, Tõru-Tõnn Parts

We thank: Tartu Art House, Estonian Literary Museum, ÕF Mandlix, Relaxationland OÜ, Nipi Seafarm

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Gallery Pallas
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Coverphoto: Liina Kinks

Jan 11, 2024