OUT / SIDE – Exhibition of three ERASMUS students in Pallas University of Applied Sciences

Erasmuslaste näitus Out Side

Exhibition of three ERASMUS students at Pallas University of Applied Sciences.
13.01– 22.01.2023
Rõdu-gallery in Aparaat
Opening of the exhibition 13.01 at 17.00

Moving out of home, facing the change in climate, meeting different people, finding new hobbies, creating memories…
All of this can be seen in this exhibition: OUT / SIDE.

Three Erasmus students, Amina Aránega, Ines Villarino and Kerttu Ahlholm, from different countries getting used to Tartu and Estonian culture. Learning what is living everyday life in another country like and making the most of that experience.

Living outside, on the other side. Being out and at the same time feeling like home.

Sometimes in the most unexpected places you find the people who make you feel like home. In this exhibition you will find a compilation of photos which show the daily life of a group of Erasmus students, who 4 months ago did not known each other but whose paths somehow crossed in Tartu.

Prügi aardeks/ Forever Christmas. This is a new routine for the textile design student Kerttu Ahlholm from Finland. In their video installation you can see the forever Christmas they are having everyday while living in Tartu. They have found a trash, a treasure, a never-ending Christmas. At the same time, it has a sorrowful but humoristic side: that is the reality of this discovered hobby.

Additional information:

Madis Liplap
Lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences
+372 521 6891