Give me space. Tuule-Mari Kaarna’s astrophotography exhibition

Give me space.
Tuule-Mari Kaarna’s astrophotography exhibition.
Opening 09. April at 17 PM.

Stars in Gallery Pallas – Tuule-Mari Kaarna’s exhibition “Give me space”.

On Saturday, 09. April at 17:00 an opening event will be held for the Pallas University of Applied Science graduate Tuule-Mari Kaarna’s first solo astrophotography exhibition “Give me space” in the gallery Pallas’ 2nd floor project room.

The exhibition features astrophotos shot in Estonia from 2019 to 2021, including visuals from nature to historic sights, for example the ruins of the Laiuse Castle. Through the artwork, the viewers can also experience enchanting phenomena such as aurora borealis and light paintings.

The artist is fascinated in astrophotography as a tool to see more than the human eye can and to connect the past with the future. In the photographer’s opinion, the journey of shooting the night sky is always magical and adventurous. To catch the stars, one has to drive outside of the city due to light pollution and in the darkness the nature seems, smells and sounds completely different. With the exhibition “Give me space” the author hopes to bring that sensation to the visitors.

Tuule-Mari Kaarna graduated from Pallas University of Applied Science’s photography department in 2021. Previously, the author has participated in Pallas’ photography department’s group exhibition “Falling and drowning” (2019).

The exhibition by the young photographer will remain open until the last day of April.

Additional information:

Tuule-Mari Kaarna
+372 58021717

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
T-L 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Coverphoto: Tuule-Mari Kaarna. Watchtower. 2019.