Exhibition „Sharp Needles” by Annika Kiidron and Triinu Pungits in gallery Pallas

„Sharp Needles” in gallery Pallas

From Thursday, September 22, the exhibition „Sharp Needles” by fashion designers Triinu Pungits and Annika Kiidron will be open in gallery Pallas (Tartu, Riia 11).

Triinu Pungits and Annika Kiidron are both artists dedicated to slow fashion. Sometimes even so slow that one collection can take several years to complete. However, the fast fashion world has not trampled over them, on the contrary – it has crowned them with the highest awards and recognition both in Estonia and outside of it. The authors believe that working at a healthy pace, it is possible to focus even more on the creative process: to enjoy, to listen, to reflect, to analyze, to synthesize and to value. To let time stop in a beautiful moment to commit even more deeply to creation – thinking about the future without forgetting the past, creating sustainably while honouring the traditional techniques of the ancestors.

The exhibition “Sharp Needles” is a stop on the artists’ journey. A moment to pause in silence, to enjoy, to look back.

Triinu Pungits is an Estonian fashion designer who graduated from the textile department of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2003 and since then has been working as a freelance artist and designer, whose work is characterized by novel and bold forms, playfulness and figurativity. A lot of emphasis is placed on textiles. She has taken part of numerous fashion shows and exhibitions, and has received international praise for her work, which has been featured in such magazines as Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Glamour etc. She has been a finalist at the prestigious International Talent Support (ITS) fashion competition, and a semi-finalist at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères. She has also won the award at the Fashion Scout’s “Ones To Watch” show during London Fashion Week. In addition to success on international fashion stages, Triinu has been awarded the Silver Needle in 2014 and the Golden Needle in 2021 for her outstanding and unique style. Apart from that, she also creates costumes for theatrical performances.

Annika Kiidron-Roomets is a socially critical fashion designer who has graduated from the textile department of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences as well as the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she obtained a master’s degree in fashion design. During her studies she has improved herself in Norway, Finland, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Israel.
Diving into the world of fashion, she has stood out by raising sensitive and important topics in society, which gives a deep background to the fashion collections worked out to the last detail. With her work, Annika has drawn attention to taboo topics in society, such as the parallel life of a person in the era of social media, environmental problems or diseases that debilitate the body and mind. Valuing craftsmanship and the sustainability of materials, unique and exciting combinations can be seen in her work.
She has participated in various exhibitions and fashion shows both in Estonia and abroad, as well as won numerous awards – for example, she is a two-time winner of the ERKI fashion show and the winner of the Estonian Fashion Festival, also has received the main prize of the NextGen Awards Première Vision in Paris. In 2021, Annika was also recognized with the Silver Needle award.

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Coverphoto: Annika Kiidron, diploma work, photo by Andero Kalju