Department of Leather Design presents: international exhibition “WITH OR WITHOUT LEATHER” at Gallery Pallas

The Department of Leather Design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences presents – international exhibition “NAHAGA VÕI NAHATA/ WITH OR WITHOUT LEATHER” opens its doors to visitors on February 16th at 18:00 at Gallery Pallas.

The exhibition, which runs through all three floors of Gallery Pallas, introduces contemporary and versatile works made during leather studies by students and graduates from Estonia – Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts and UT Viljandi Culture Academy – as well as Latvia and Lithuania – Riga School of Design and Art and Kaunas University of Applied Sciences.

In the exhibited works tradition and innovation are intertwined. With the development of technology many new materials have been made that offer alternatives to leather. The usage of those materials is only expanding. More and more opportunities are being introduced and experimented with in the learning process. When using natural leather in its beauty, safety and practicality is usual, then this time the visitors are invited to think along about the strength, durability and sustainability of alternative materials.

The visitors can see the preferences of the creators – what are the most popular material choices – colourful chrome tanned leathers, vegetable tanned leathers or alternative materials.

The following events will take place during the exhibition:

Sat 18.02 at 12:00-13:30 curator’s tour with Tiina Karu, leather design lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, and Jaanika Leiter, a 3rd year student.

Wed 01.03 at 16.30-18.00 on Pallas’ Open Doors Day, a curator’s tour with Jaanika Leiter, a 3rd year student, Gerli Kelt and Kerttu Rebane, 4th year students.

Tue 14.03 at 16.00-18.00 discussion with leather designer Stella Soomlais on the topic “The possibility of circular design in leather design”, led by Tiina Karu, Leather Design lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Kerttu Rebane, 4th year student, and Jaanika Leiter, a 3rd year student.

Sat 18.03 at 12.00-13.30 curator’s tour with Tiina Karu, Leather Design lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, and Helen Strom, a 4th year student.

Participants of the exhibition: Gerli Kelt, Grete Prost-Kängsepp, Helen Strom, Birgit Peerna, Kerli Otsa, Kerttu Rebane, Anzela Sirel, Gregor Kiin, Merilin Kask, Regita Lepla, Helen-Mary Vartšun, Janika Autor, Helen Vetik, Dhana Vaimann, Kerli Jõgi, Moolen Veering, Jaanika Leiter, Liis Tisler, Rita Volkov, Julia Korovina, Anni Vallsalu, Maria Rojko Nisu, Kerli Valter, Heidy Kohv, Helina Raud, Hanna Eliise Lahe, Anari Västrik, Jürgen Sinnep, Angela Aavik, Katarina Tallermo, Janika Solmann, Tiiu Kängsepp-Prost, Ene Koppelmann, Kristi Everst, Signe Lintrop, Katre Mägi, Taive Peedosaar , Made Uus, Kristina Rajando, Marta Laure, Agnese Upmale, Luīze Pētersone, Oto Bulats, Ortija Jaunsleine, Daniels Kočkins, Mārtiņs Mežulis, Anete Sniķere, Sindija Stepāne, Margareta Svikule-Cigelniece,

Ugnė Paškevičiūtė, Jolita Jaciunskienė, Sandra Vinskaitė, Laura Poderytė, Agnė Juozulynaitė, Ieva Kaselytė, Ugnė Valionytė, Miglė Valuntienė, Dovilė Kazlauskaitė, Eglė Goštautienė, Dovilė Kazlauskaitė, Eglė Rentė, Sandra Kesnauskaite, Gintarė Anužė.

The exhibition project is completed in cooperation with students from the 3rd and 4th year of the Leather Design and Restoration Department at Pallas University of Applied Sciences under the supervision of lecturer Tiina Karu.

The joint exhibition of leather students from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will remain open at Gallery Pallas until March 18, 2023.

Additional information:

Tiina Karu
Lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences
Phone +372 5285574

+372 734 9954
Tu-Sa 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Coverphoto Moolen Veering. 2022.