Anatomy of a design I. Kerli Jõgi

Anatomy of a design I. Kerli Jõgi
Gallery Pallas
Opening 22.09. 5 pm

Anatomy of a design is an exhibition-series by designer and artist Kerli Jõgi. The exhibition showcases results from a research that meticulously observes, documents and analyses one everyday object. The project grew from a simple interest in objects as well as from what and how they are made of.

The artist commented the project: “As a designer I piece together the finished design from details. In this project I worked the opposite way by taking a design into pieces. I haven’t designed the object myself and didn’t know more about it than the basic user knowledge. I wore it for years and to reacquaint with an object that has been so close to me in a new way has been a fun process. Now I question more frequently how much I even know the things that are so close to me on a daily bases.”

The project aims to save the design in the viewers memory in addition to visual features through material, patterns, construction and technique. The visitors have an opportunity to see up close all the details that make a physical object and to think about how extensive knowledge does a design demand from its creator.

Kerli Jõgi graduated from the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in Leather design in 2017 and works as a lecturer and artist.

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