We invite everyone to come and visit Pallas UAS on 26. February 2020.


10.30 Tour of Pallas and the departments
12.15-13.00 Workshops I
13.15-14.00 Workshops II



The Photography Department‘s photogram workshop is conducted by 1st year student Helena Lehtmets.

A photogram is a photograph taken by using light without a camera. The paper is coated with a photosensitive layer such as a weak saline solution, and after drying it is coated with silver nitrate solution. When objects or leaves are placed on such paper, the paper will develop a negative silhouette of the object after light is directed at it for a length of time.

In the Painting Department, Triinu Tuul, a 3rd year student, conducts a meditative painting workshop.

The Media Design Department is working on a comic strip, conducted by 3rd year students under the guidance of Marko Kekishev.

Head of the Department of Leather Design prof. Rene Haljasmäe conducts a bookbinding workshop, during which a classic Japanese-style paperback notebook is made.

Instead of workshops in the Furniture Department, it is possible to observe the actual studies in the workshop. 2nd year restoration students take an upholstery course from 12-16. During the workshops, in the room 101 it is also possible to observe a slideshow of completed works in the field of restoration and design.

The Sculpture Department workshop is an entrance exam in modeling. Supervised by 3rd year student Olger Lehtsaar.

The Textile Department has a workshop called “Pattern Maker – From Collage to Projection”, which is supervised by Textile Department 4th year students Victoria, Maryliis and Yuuki.

How do individual shapes create an exciting and personalized pattern? The workshop participants will experience the pattern-making process from the idea to the end result. The original idea is to create a pattern report using collage techniques, and then projecting the repeated patterns onto the model gives you an idea of ​​how the custom printed fabric could look like a garment.