Rain Avarmaa from Department of Photography participates in the OFF-Bratislava program

Rain Avarmaa, a third-year student in the Department of Photography, has been accepted to the European Photo Month exhibition as part of the OFF-Bratislava program. The group exhibition, titled “THE HOUSE OF PLAUSIBLE, PROBABLE, POSSIBLE, AND PREFERABLE FUTURES” will be held in a representative place – the Art Hall of Bratislava – and will present the works of young European talents.

Peeter Linnap, the Head of the Department of Photography, has previously submitted the work of talented young photographers from Estonia to the European Youth Photo Award, in which he had the honor to participate in the jury, as well as to various international art events. However, the Bratislava European Photo Month holds a special significance as the most enduring partner among them all.

Rain Avarmaa stands out for his modern photographic language and dramatic looking visual solutions. He uses large formats and photo processing software in an expressionistic style, demonstrating a lively conviction without drowning in too much detail.

Rain Avarmaa in Bratislava

Cover photo OFF Bratislava