3 exhibitions at Gallery Pallas: Marie Olsakova “Together”

“3 exhibitions”
Gallery Pallas
Opening on May 3 at 17:00

Gallery Pallas hosts the exhibitions of students from Pallas University of Applied Sciences who came to the 2021-2022 Erasmus Exchange Program. Each week a different artist takes part in the exhibition program where works from different disciplines such as photography and sculpture will be seen. Check out the event calendar to fallow the dynamically changing art projects between May 3- May 21 on the 1st floor of Pallas Gallery! More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Today, May 10 at 5 pm takes place the vernissage of Marie Olšáková´s exhibition “Together”. She is studying in Pallas as ERASMUS student.

About the Exhibition:
With my project Together
“I would like to show that we are never alone in the world, even though it may seem like that sometimes. Please walk around the room and stop at every corner. Try to imagine a situation that you are listening to. Imagine how many people are around you and what they look like. Do you have something in common with them? Do they interact with you in any way? Do you have any activities in common? Do you feel anything for the people around you? Try to answer these questions and then get one string. It’s just yours. It represents you as a person. Tie it with other strings according to how you felt in the room. You can make a knot on your string or tie more of them together. Nothing is wrong and everything is allowed.”

About the Artist
My name is Marie Olšáková, artistic name Maňa. I am from Brno in the Czech Republic where I study at the Faculty of Fine Arts at BUT. I am in the third year of bachelor’s studies at the studio of conceptual sculpture. IG: _mahulenka


Coverphoto: detail from the exhibition