Exhibitions by international Erasmus students at Gallery Pallas. First exhibition Diren Demir “Protection Spell “

“3 exhibitions”
Gallery Pallas
Opening on May 3 at 17:00

Gallery Pallas hosts the exhibitions of students from Pallas University of Applied Sciences who came to the 2021-2022 Erasmus Exchange Program. Each week a different artist takes part in the exhibition program where works from different disciplines such as photography and sculpture will be seen. Check out the event calendar to fallow the dynamically changing art projects between May 3- May 21 on the 1st floor of Pallas Gallery!

Diren Demir (sculpture, Marmara University, Turkey)
„Protection Spell / Kaitseloits“ – exhibition is open from May 3 to May 7
The „Protection Spell“ exhibition reflects sections of the lives of Ukrainian refugees. According to the old talismans and spell recipes, Motankas had different purposes depending on their colors. Red, stands in the exhibitions as the symbol of the „protection“. In this reinterpreted spell, human sized doll stands against deliberate attacks on the cultural values.

Marie Olsakova (sculpture, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)
„Together / Koos” – the exhibition is open from May 10 to May 14
“Please walk around the room and stop at every corner. Imagine how many people are around you and what they look like. Get one string. It represents you as e person. Tie it with other strings. You can make a knot on your string or tie more of them together. Nothing is wrong and everything is allowed.”

Anna Maria Blümcke (photography, Hochschule Hannover , Deutschland)
„What I Saw / Mida ma nägin“ – the exhibition is open from May 17 to May 21
“This is an exhibition about what the title says. I’m trying to remove the pressure of having to create something meaningful every time I have the camera with me and trying to find joy in photography again. So this is just what I saw and what happened to be in front of my camera for the past few months.”
Works have been instructed by Madis Liplap.


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Cover Photo Diren Demir