Vaiksus / Tranquility. Helen Strom


Solo exhibition “VAIKSUS/TRANQUILITY” by Helen Strom, an alumnus of the department of leather design at Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place in the basement of the Gallery Pallas on October 27 at 5 p.m.

The exhibition reflects on the leather designer’s use of materials. At what point does a material become trash? When can we no longer use it? Does the end for you mean the same for all?

Already during her studies, the artist was interested in the maximum usage of materials. She started a jewelry brand that creates earrings from production waste, and the designs are based on the economical use of the material.

However, if it is not possible to avoid the waste in the creation, how can we use these materials so that they remain in circulation? The goal of every designer is to maximize the expensive and valuable material, but where is the limit to how far we can stretch it?

The exhibition is motivated by the artist/designer’s choice to work with recycled leather, a material made from shredded leather, which the artist also tested in her thesis, for the industrial production of casual shoes.

The artist’s goal with the exhibition is to open other facets of creativity by composing something out of nothing. By creating paintings from shredded leather, the artist draws attention to the volume of material waste in the leather industry, and through the paintings designer gives the raw material to the artist which is worthless to the designer.

Redesigning the world becomes the tranquility.

The curatorial tours with the artist will take place on November 11 at 12 and 16 p.m., where one will reflect on the life span of materials and Helen Strom will reveal the plans for the future.

Press photo: Helen Strom. Vaiksus / Tranquility. 2023.

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