Top international art magazine ARTFORUM shortlists the Pallas photography lecturer’s Diana Tamane exhibition among the best shows

ARTFORUM, a legendary international contemporary art magazine published in New York, recommends in the section “Must See” to visit the exhibition “Half-Love” by Diana Tamane (an alumnus and a lecturer of the Pallas Department of Photography), which is open at the Tartu Art Museum until October 16.

The exhibition “Half-Love” examines the relationship between the artist Diana Tamane and her younger half-sister Elina. The new works exhibited for the first time at the exhibition continue the artist’s long line of family-focused creations.

“ARTFORUM” magazine is one of the world’s leading art periodicals. Pallas honorary guest lecturer Prof. Thomas McEvilley (SVA, N.Y), was once the contributing editor of ARTFORUM. According to Professor Peeter Linnap (head of the Department of Photography), Diana Tamane is so far the only Estonian artist whose work and activities have been several times covered by Artforum.

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Cover photo by Diana Tamane