There’s Time There’s No Time. Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap at Gallery Pallas

There’s Time There’s No Time
Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap at Gallery Pallas 15.-31. 07.2021
Exhibition opening 14.07 at 17.00 – 19.00

How to find balance between excess and shortage? Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap play with ideas and time at Gallery Pallas.

Time can be difficult – sometimes there’s so much of it that there’s left over and yet there’s always too little of it. It is almost impossible to find balance between the two extremes. Thus, it often seems that these two extremes exist simultaneously, eliminating yet complementing each other. There‘s always more ideas than time, but it’s the lack of time that can lead to new discoveries. There’s time. There’s no time.

Two authors have shared a studio for the past four years in the Widget Factory in Tartu, called Studio 100. During these years, both authors have completed a fair share of different projects and organised several exhibitions. They also share a history of teaching and exhibition projects at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences from the end of 1990s to this day. The inspiring environment of Studio 100 has encouraged the authors to complete creative projects and offered opportunities for professional discussions. This show is the first larger joint exhibition of Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap and is also a celebration of important milestones for both authors.

Aet Ollisaar is a textile artist whose starting point for creating tapestries is the traditional weaving technique to which she adds improvisational elements, picturesque warp surfaces and objects with meaningful stories. A series of tapestries woven in Studio 100 is the centre of this exhibition, but the selection also includes earlier works throughout the 30 years the author has lived in Tartu. Time, or the lack of it, is an important part of making these works; whether the works are created during a long process or were born from a flash of inspiration, they all use materials that often have had several previous lives.

Madis Liplap is an interior designer who has designed several exhibitions in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu and beyond. His works are characterised by versatility and delicate choice of materials – the author has created interior design objects as well as graphic sketches. At the exhibition at Gallery Pallas, Madis Liplap shows the thoughts he has had during the last few years. Something between minimalism and maximalism, something serious and something bizarre, something big and red and then something small and a little blue and stripy… Small wooden slats are the recurring materials used to create different constructions – either functional furniture or something completely impractical.

Time doesn’t stop.

Aet Ollisaar curated and Madis Liplap designed the exhibition.

The making of Aet Ollisaar’s works is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. The exhibition is supported by Pallas University of Applied Sciences.



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