„There are gods in the basement of the Pallase gallery”

Jumalad pallase tudengite ühisnäitus


On Friday, the 22. september at 18.00 exhibition called „Gods“ by the students of Pallas University of Applied Sciences opens on the basement floor.

Almost every year the art students create artworks in the subject of general composition, having a common theme or topic. In 2021 the given topic was „gods“ and black and white compositions regarding the theme were made. Various solutions of the assignement are exhibited in the exhibition of the same name.

Every artwork shows a piece of the young artist´s notion and understanding of the world. Together they compose a whole to narrate an another new story to the world. The students that take part in the exhibition are from different study departments of Pallas University of Applied Sciences: the departments of painting, photograph, textile and sculpture.
The other part of the exhibition consists of the artworks of two sculptors, Liina Kinks and Viktor Kiss. A comment from the curators of the exhibition: „This exhibition is meant for the people who have the ability to listen and think“.

Artist performing in the exhibition: Rain Avarmaa F-21, Kristin Erm MA-21, Mari Frühling MA-21, Rasmus Hirv S-21, Raigo Kannike S-21, Liina Kinks (vilistlane), Viktor Kiss S-21, Brigitte Mihkelson T-21, Ott-Kaspar Sults MA-21, Kätriin Säde MA-21, Patrick Tall MA-21, Miina Vilo MA-21.

Curators: Liina Kinks, Viktor Kiss
Graphic design: Liina Kinks, Kert Elliott Mägi

Thank You: Pallas University of Applied Sciences, department of sculpture, Pallas Gallery, Piret Veski.

In addition, a huge thank you to the people who helped out with some materials.

Supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital
#kulka #kulkatoetab

More information:
Liina Kinks
+372 53329654

Pallas Gallery
+372 734 9954
T-L 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Coverphoto: Liina Kinks “Killud”