The media design department of Pallas invites to visit the graphic art exhibition “Knot”

Knot. An exhibition by the media design department of Pallas University
7.04 – 30.04.2022
Opening on Thursday, 7th of April, at 18:00

The media design department of Pallas University of Applied Sciences invites you to visit the graphic art exhibition “Knot”.

The exhibition will display a selection of 200 works by Pallas students that are created by using five different methods of printing: linocut, lithography, etching, serigraphy and drypoint. At the exhibition it is also possible to get familiar with the processes and tools of printing, as well as students’ graphic artworks from the past four years.

A student of Pallas can count their stages of development in knots. A knot helps to arrive from a beginning to an end, and then to a beginning again – a necessary tool for creating a whole. Each learned graphic printing technique is a rope which the student will have to learn to untwist before twisting it into a rope again. In the beginning there’s peace and quiet. Moving along the knots, development takes place, a kind of ‘opening up’, and then, an ending, which isn’t an ending at all, but a pivotal moment. A knot connects the end with a new beginning, resulting in rebirth, a necessary change.

The measuring of speed and distance takes place in communication and design by way of the unit ‘knot’. In a time where most of design is done digitally, classic printing methods will be presented as binding different mediums. The audience can experience graphic art’s endless possibilities, to learn the uniqueness of printing by hand, and see the growing value of the techniques presented.

Additionally, a linocut workshop will be taking in the exhibition hall on 20.04.

Team: III and IV year students of media design. Supervisors: Jaanus Eensalu, Tiit Pähnapuu, Ardo Sägi, Mart Männik, Marko Kekišev.

“Everything’s in knots.”

During the opening event, the process of serigraphy will be demonstrated, there will be music, drinks and snacks. Join the event:

Additional information:

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Assistant Head of Department Media design department
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Pallas Gallery
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