The exhibition of students at Pallas Department of Painting. INTENTION TO STUDY

The exhibition of students at Pallas Department of Painting

On Friday, 4 February the exhibition of students at Pallas Department of Painting “Õppekavatsus / Intention to Study” will open in the big hall of Gallery Pallas.

This time the exhibition is also part of the Days of Open Doors. The exhibition displays works from first-year students to last year’s alumni, from school tasks to other creative efforts. This two-in-one event is meant to be viewed by the potential new students of Pallas, to be a retrospective for the present students and to be reviewed by the public at large.

The everyday life of the department is certainly more versatile than the exhibition can convey. Our restoration work in Estonian mansions and beyond are only referred to by a couple of posters. The contribution of theory classes is difficult to assess by just looking at the exhibition: it is the premises in Tähe Street where you can get acquainted with the teachers and facilities.

The exhibition shows a snapshot of the students’ work during their four years of study, but also their creative efforts outside school. As head of the Department of Painting Margus Meinart is happy to be courageous enough to display works that have been born after half a year, a year or two years of study. Last year has gone by under the impact of the pandemic which meant that students worked at home: hence the small-size interiors. Visitors will have a good chance to get an insight into what’s happening at Pallas by looking at the “accomplished tasks”.

The exhibition is open at the time when Pallas has Days of Open Doors. On 2 March all future students of Pallas are invited to Gallery Pallas where they can meet the present students, ask questions and discuss learning opportunities at Pallas, and at the same time visit the exhibition “Õppekavatsus / Intention to Study”.

Participants: Renate Ermel, Maria Hommik, Joel Vedru, Ingmar Roomets, Maarja Pettai, Hanna Kuusvere, Danel Ülper, Hedi Kuhi, Karoliina Tomasson, Mia Melanie Saar, Janne Randma, Mari Kallaste, Angeliina Birgit Liivlaid, Anna Mérédith Maquet, Raido Randoja, Maris Paal, Brita Maripuu, Miina Vilo, Patrick Tall, Kristin Erm, Mari Frühling, Laura Marita Lappalainen, Robert Puumeister, Ott-Kaspar Sults, Kätriin Säde, Hele-Riin Juhkama, Triinu Kohanankov, Hanna-Liina Krenštrauch, Aljona Trussova, Silver Laadi, Geterly Sepp, Triinu Meresaar, Hanna Roosimaa, Randel Saveli, Agathe Marie Sarap, Caroliina Luhamets, Kadri Kalve.

Curator: Margus Meinart. Exhibition designers: Margus Meinart, Pille Johanson, Indrek Aavik.

The exhibition of the students Pallas Department of Painting “Õppekavatsus / Intention to Study” will be open at Gallery Pallas until 5 March.

Additional information:
Margus Meinart
Head of Pallas Department of Painting
+ 372 56243944

Gallery Pallas
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