The exhibition “Kood 418” by Department of Media Design

The exhibition “Kood 418” by Pallas UAS Department of Media Design is open at the Gallery Pallas (Riia St 11, Tartu) from 22.03 5 20.04. Traditional creative processes are juxtaposed with technical possibilities, seeking to find a balance and initiate discussion about the present and future of the digital landscape.

The title of the exhibition, “Kood 418,” is both a reference to the hidden absu rdity and inside jokes of the digital world, as well as to the development of 3D technology. The exhibition firstly gathers the best of the schoolwork completed in recent years and secondly, installations created by students, reflecting on the nature of the screen world. Everyone who has enjoyed the exhibition also has a chance to participate in an animation workshop.

Exhibition authors: Anastasia Andrejeva, Kaisa Benga, Karita Jakobson, Aljona Jershova, Sandra-Saskia Kärmas, Marija Lopatkina, Anastasia Musakko, Heldin Riga, Riste Riiel, Kirke-Triin Ritsik, Triinu Sibul, Jaanika Tork, Ott Villem Vackermann.
Supervisor: Mart Männik.

For more information:
Sandra-Saskia Kärmas

Gallery Pallas
Tue-Sat 11-18
Riia 11, Tartu

Cover photo: Kood 418. Photo Karita Jakobson.

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