‘Supermarket’, a graphic design exhibition by the Department of Media Design students at gallery Pallas

Meediadisaini osakonna näitus Supermarket Pallase galeriis

Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Department of Media Design, Graphic Design Exhibition

‘Supermarket’, a graphic design exhibition by the Department of Media Design students at Pallas University of Applied Sciences, will open on Thursday, March 23, at 18:00 at Gallery Pallas.

The exhibition concept stems from the desire to reflect the influence of consumer society on art. In the modern world, artists and designers are expected to create as is customary in a world that pleases the consumer – quickly, as cheaply as possible, encouraging future consumption. The exhibition ‘Supermarket’ reflects on these worrying topics through humour and visual absurdity. The exhibition displayed on the 1st floor and the basement exhibits various parts of communication design: typography, poster art, desktop publishing, packaging design, UX/UI design and more. Over 200 student works are represented in the exhibition.

A performance by the TEMA group will open the exhibition. TEMA is a group of friends who came together at the Viljandi Art School. Their intention is to experiment with different contemporary art media by playing on the borderline of absurdity and weirdness.

Organizing the exhibition is an annual tradition for the Department of Media Designs third-year students. Works in various techniques created by the department’s students over the past four years are exhibited.

The exhibition ‘Supermarket’ can be visited from March 23 to April 22 in Tartu at Gallery Pallas (Riia 11).

Exhibition team: Department of Media Designs III year students Keitlyn Kruus, Marie Emili Kristov, Helena Kont, Stiina-Liis Koddanipork, Markus Kliss, Erika Lille, Torm Parts, Carmen Lepik, Helen Cornelia Kuklane, Alicia Jemets, Mariia Metusalo, Anna-Liisa Sääsk, Helen Marie Välja, Romy Nõulik.

Additional information:
Jaanus Eensalu
Head of Department, Associate Professor
+372 733 8992

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Coverphoto: Department of Media Design