Sanctus Päivulus, protector saint of wrong decisions. Kadri Kalve


On Friday 27th October at 5 p.m., the consecration of the newly assembled chapel of Saint Päivulus shall take place in the gallery Pallas. For the first time after the discovery of the altar paintings from the archives of Pallas University of Applied Sciences, these artworks of great historical value are now viewable for the wider public.

The first mentions of Sanctus Päivulus (also known as Saint Päivalas or Päivoolios) date back to the first half of 21st century. During that time she started gathering popularity as an obscure underground saint tasked with protecting ill-advised decisions, irresolution and complete failure. During the time period, the rapidly expanding social media had created a fertile ground for new self-destructive behaviour patterns (e.g. constant need for self-improvement, senseless pursues of productivity and an addiction to success) on larger social scale.

The covert ring of followers that gathered around Sanctus Päivulus wished to protest against those exceedingly drastic social trends. Refusing to spend the rest of their lives permanently comparing themselves to an illusory perfect citizen they started practising taboo activities such as engaged self-antidevelopment, purposeful pursuing of bad choices and habitual commitment to doing nothing.

All those interested are also awaited to join the celebration of the arrival of the last remaining relic of Sanctus Päivulus to the chapel on 25th November at 5 p.m.

Press photo: Sanctus Päivulus. Icon. 2023

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