Rhythmics. Compositional analysis of a piece of furniture


The department of furniture of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences will open an exhibition in the project room of the gallery Pallas on October 27 at 1:00 p.m.
In the exhibition, you can observe the deconstruction and analysis process of objects familiar to us in our everyday life.

The design students of the furniture department were engaged in the interpretation of a piece of furniture in the course of visual composition.
As a practical work, each student analyzed the selected chair or armchair. The goal of the entire learning process was to find the characteristic features of the object through the application of compositional rules.

The exercise deals with the deconstruction that develops the ability to analyze and notice the style or characteristics of the object. A furniture designer needs such skills as support when creating a collection or designing a new product that fits into the existing product portfolio.

Public feedback of works and process will take place on Friday, 27.10. at 1:00 p.m.
Course participants and authors: Egel Talv, Isabel Mündel, Mark Drõgin, Martin Soome, Boris Pakk, Märt-Kaarel Petser
Supervisor: Kristina Allik
The exhibition of works by young furniture designers will remain open until November 25.

Press photo: Viiu Kotkas. Rhythm. 2023. Photo: Kristina Allik

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