Reminiscing Aiti Valk’s work at Pallas Gallery

An exhibition that was never displayed.

Reminiscing Aiti Valk’s work at Pallas Gallery.
May 6 – 22, 2021.

Aiti Valk graduated from the sculpture department of Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2019, but died tragically within the same year. Nevertheless, he managed to accomplish much in his life. Valk was an extremely warm, talented and productive young man who deserves to have his works brought to the viewer. The exhibition features the artist’s versatile, colourful work spiced with black humour, from sculptural objects to fantasy-rich digital paintings and drawings.

Excerpts from Aiti’s friends’ recollections:
“Whenever you entered the door, something changed in the room, Magic!
The air became lighter and it felt like you could finally breathe. You can finally breathe!”

“After Aiti had left, I read his love letters and found one of his thoughts that would send me all my life, he wrote: “And I hope you understand that it is wiser to put the past behind. At least the mistakes of the past. By focusing only on them, we do not notice what is happening now/in the future. You are dear to me.””

The exhibition is organized with the support from the artist’s family, corporation Fraternitas Estica and Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

For more information:
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Gallery Pallas
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Cover Photo: Aiti Valk “Balloon”