Rasmus Eist’s solo-exhibition “RUUM/SPACE” in gallery Pallas

Ruum/Space. Rasmus Eist

Rasmus Eist’s solo-exhibition “RUUM/SPACE” opens on october 27 2022 5 pm.

Science and art have moved together throughout history. We discover new material, we immediately use it in art. We are looking where and when to put up exhibition, it is space and time. The laws of physics is with us everywhere, execpt at the atomic level, where quantum physics needs to be introduced. We see objects, because light particles (photons) fly around and bounce off objects and reach your eyes. It guarantees that we can observe art as science allow us to See, Touch, taste etc. However, Humans themselves are a very small part of the universe, so small, that we cannot grasp it.

The “RUUM/SPACE” exhibition brings both the largest and the smallest parts of the universe together in one room, which consist of different rooms. One of the goals of the works is to arouse interest in the world, wich is not noticed in ordinary life or simply lacks opportunities to observe them “RUUM/SPACE” is compatible with the exhibition “Asja armastajad”, because these object are also part of the universe, that we care and love.

The exhibition also includes a conversation with the artist, the time of the event will be added, so it is worth keeping your eyes open. The purpose of the conversation is to talk about physics, astronomy and how they are connected to ther works of “Ruum/Space”. The main goal would be to provide knowledge about things that you may not know, but would grow interest in how space and time work.

Rasmus Eist is an estonian sculptor, who graduated from the sculpture department in Pallas university of applied sciences. He is an active sculptor and a lecturer of 3D technologies at Pallas. His work is characterized by the use of newer technologies in art, bringing threedimensional virtual objects into the real world and combining science with sculpture. “Ruum/Space is Rasmus Eist’s second solo-exhibition, the first exhibition “RE” was held in 2019.

More information:

Rasmus Eist
+372 5198081

Pallas Gallery
+372 734 9954
T-L 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu


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