Pallas’s Department of Textile at the 80th anniversary of Textile Department in Kaunas Faculty at the Vilnius Academy of Arts

Textile Department in Kaunas Faculty at the Vilnius Academy of Arts celebrated its 80th anniversary on 22-23th of October with an international conference. At the same time, a virtual exhibition was opened that showcases the works of the representatives of the participating higher education institutions.

The conference was attended by professors from Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Great Britain, Norway, Poland and Estonia. The participants of the conference opened up the topic “Textile for the future” through 11 different presentations. The participants addressed the topic from a personal point of view, giving examples of their work, the presentations also introduced the work of university students. and gave examples of their work.

Pallas’s Department of Textile was represented at the conference by Prof. Aet Ollisaar with a presentation “Textile – slow and fast, familiar and unknown at the same time.”

Conference presentations will later also be published on paper. The conference will be accompanied by the exhibition “Contemporary thinking. Textile seeing ”, which presents a selection of works by students and professors from the textile departments of nine higher education institutions.

Cover photo: Aet Ollisaar “There were no Secrets” Weaving, mixed media, silk, cotton, mixed materials, 1050 x 1550; 2020