Pallas design students present design solutions inspired by emptiness at the Stockholm Fair

Pallas Stockholmi messil projekt Empty

February 7-11, the students of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences will once again participate in the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. This year, the project TÜHI/EMPTY, a collaborative project of furniture and textile students, will be presented in the fairs design schools’ area Greenhouse. In this project, the participants pay attention to upcycling and look for opportunities of sustainable development of the design process.

Should you create something new, if you must face the fact that the scarcity of materials and the damage to nature caused by overproduction have become the main challenges in modern times? How should you do it? Teams combined of furniture and textile students started the design process with a limited amount of wood material, in addition to which each team found material scraps to complete their product following the principles of upcycling. As a result of the cooperation project TÜHI/EMPTY, six interior product prototypes have been completed, the design of which has used the skills and potential of both fields. Presenting products at an international trade fair gives students the opportunity to receive immediate feedback and make contacts for the future.

Clothes rack TRAADISTICK, armchair UNTANGLE, interior design object MULTISHELF, lounge chair EMPTY/CHARGED, modular shelf REST and seat COMA will be presented at the fair.

Gert Christjanson, Renate Eensalu, Liisa Hanvere, Iris Eller, Ülle Järv, Eliise Järve, Kirke Kirikall, Karl Olaf Kolla, Caroliina Ladva, Grete Maruste, Teiloora Ojaste, Rebecca Raak, Bruno Sepp, Inger Tammela, Monika Teder participated in the project. The project was supervised by Madis Liplap, Aet Ollisaar and Keret Altpere.

Pallas’ display is in the Greenhouse area of the fair at the location C06:56. More information:

Students’ participation at the fair is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

More information about the project can be found on Instagram and Facebook @pallas_stckhlmfair

Additional information:
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Professor, Head of Department
Department of Textile
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Coverphoto: REST (Authors Gert Christjanson, Liisa Hanvere, Karl Olaf Kolla)
Product photos: Andrus Kannel, authors