Exhibition “The Suffering of the Animal of Poetry” by the young painter Renate Ermel

Exhibition „Sharp Needles” by Annika Kiidron and Triinu Pungits in gallery Pallas

Tartu Interdistsiplinaar: exhibition “Liminal space” in Gallery Pallas

Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding. Scripta manent VI „Forestonia. Estwald. Mine Metsa!“

Andres Sütevaka “Halfway to the Alleyway of the End of the World” in Gallery Pallas

3 exhibitions at Gallery Pallas: Anna Maria Blümcke “What I Saw”

Study opportunities at Pallas for Ukrainian art students

3 exhibitions at Gallery Pallas: Marie Olsakova “Together”

Exhibitions by international Erasmus students at Gallery Pallas. First exhibition Diren Demir “Protection Spell “

Georgian lecturer prof. Tinatin Tskhadadze’s visit to Pallas