Exhibition Day Palace by Huupi in Gallery Pallas

There’s Time There’s No Time. Aet Ollisaar and Madis Liplap at Gallery Pallas

Exhibition “LEND 2021” at gallery Pallas

Reminiscing Aiti Valk’s work at Pallas Gallery

Danel Ülper’s exhibition “Searching for Music” in Gallery Pallas

Exhibition of the Sculpture and Leather Design departments in Gallery Pallas

“MEANINGS. Tapestries from the methodical archive of the textile department of Pallas” in Gallery Pallas

“As She Sees It.” exhibition by Evita Goze, Vika Eksta, Kristine Madjare and Diana Tamane at gallery Pallas.

Peeter Linnap “A Man Through History” Exhibition and book at Pallas Gallery

Article by prof. Aet Ollisaar was published in Kaunas Textile for Future catalogue