Minimina: A Group Exhibition by the Fourth-Year Textile Students from Pallas University of Applied Sciences

Minimina: A Group Exhibition by the Fourth-Year Textile Students from Pallas University of Applied Sciences
29.11.2023 – 06.01.2024

Join us on Wednesday, November 29th, at 17, as the Pallas University of Applied Sciences unveils “Minimina”, an exhibition showcasing the artistic journey of the fourth-year textile students at the gallery Pallas.

Through an exploration of personal identity, influences, and future aspirations, these emerging artists share their narratives via miniature embroideries. The exhibition features a diverse range of textile art, highlighting each artist’s unique story and innovative approaches. These works originated from the experimental embroidery course, guided by the expertise of Zane Shumeiko.

Caroliina Ladva embroiders thought patterns, portraying the complexity and mystery of the human mind through threads.
Eliise Järve invites you to explore a fictional planet where you can touch everything.
Grete Maruste depicts mycelium as human relationships. We meet a lot of people in our life, but some of them stay longer and become more important.
Inger Tammela threads the emotions of the moment onto the canvas with tools at hand.
Karl Olaf Kolla remembers the times of the place where loved ones met every week. As the years have passed, the memories have faded, but somewhere in the recesses of memory, they are still there.
Kirke Kirikall talks about the forest as the most tangible form of multiplicity.
Liisa Hanvere investigates the story of her great-grandmother’s sewing machine. The 1940s left traces on both the machine and the soul of one family.
Renate Eensalu captures the moment and preserves it in a delicate maze.
Ülle Järv reflects on the pain and beauty of losses. The feeling of being a failure is probably familiar to anyone. But is loss really the end of the world or instead the foundation for a new victory?

The exhibition is open until January 6, 2024 in the basement floor of the gallery Pallas.
The artists thank supervisor Zane Shumeiko.

More information:
Renate Eensalu, +37253868481

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

Minimina. Pallase tekstiiliosakonna IV kursuse ühisnäitus plakat

Coverphoto by Renate Eensalu, Liisa Hanvere, Ülle Järv,Eliise Järve, Kirke Kirikall, Karl Olaf Kolla, Caroliina Ladva, Grete Maruste, Inger Tammela