Luues lugu. An exhibiton of the department of leather design of Pallas

Luues lugu. An exhibiton of the department of leather design of Pallas

On Thursday, 7th of April, at 17.30 the exhibition “Luues lugu” by 4th year of the department of leather design of Pallas University of Applied Sciences will open on the basement floor of Gallery Pallas.

“Luues lugu” will showcase accessory design works that have been created in the department of leather design. Exhibition will focus on the design process, where every student has their own tale to tell and will invite the viewer to the backstage of accessory design. Viewer can explore the mind of a developing student by seeing the works created during the courses.

Quests can explore the rooms that have been categorized by different themes, while still being connected by the story of creation. Besides the showpieces, the individual beliefs of department of leather design students are also included – every student has their own signature in colours, materials and shapes. We wish to show ordinary people something that they will not be able to see otherwise – ideas, drafts, patterns, prototypes, experiments with materials, excess material, expenses and emotions. Some of the exhibits have already been in use, therefore signs of use can be seen. And in some cases the students have deliberately altered the appearance of an old accessory and given it a new life.

Authors participating in the exhibition: Kullake-Aleksandra Kask, Evelin Kõur, Netty Muld, Marit Must, Märt Puusta, Riina Raudson, Stefani Vissel, Helen Strom, Kerttu Rebane, Kerli Otsa, Gerli Kelt, Gregor Kiin, Anzela Sirel, Ulla- Mari Tammela, Grete-Prost Kängsepp, Birgit Peerna, Kelly Pärt, Jaanika Leiter, Moolen Veering, Helen-Mary Vartšun, Dhana Vaimann, Kristin Trump, Regita Lepla, Janika Autor, Merilin Kask, Helen Vetik.

Works have been instructed by Kerli Jõgi, Tiina Karu, Maila Käos, Kristel Suigussaar, Juta Mölder and Tõnu Ojaperv.

Exhibition “Luues lugu” will be open until the end of April.

Additional information:

Maila Käos
+372 5557 1455

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
T-L 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu