Joint exhibition “Tee/paus” by the sculpture students of the Pallas

Gallery Pallas
Tee/paus. The fourth-year sculpture students of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences are participating in a joint exhibition during Tartu Art Week.
12.01. – 10.02.24

On Friday, January 12th at 5 pm the group exhibition “Tee/paus” by the fourth-year sculpture students at Pallas University of Applied Sciences will open.

“The aim of this exhibition was to support the young sculptors´ journey of becoming independent artists,” commented professor and the Head of the sculpture department Anne Rudanovski.

A significant portion of the students’ creations surround themes of concern, creating a contrast with the exhibition’s absurd and humorous atmosphere. The basement floor of gallery Pallas´ exhibition space transforms into a theme park where each artist has created a world around their works. Featured locations include metal industry, mad scientist’s lab, cinema, zoo, and Area 51. A communal space in the exposition provides more detailed introduction to the young artists participating the exhibition.

The tour of the exhibition will be held on January 26 at 10.15 and the performance “Teepaus” will take place on Feburary 9 2024 at 17:00.
Participating artists in the exhibition: Aleksandra Ivask, Andreas Tukmann, Helene Lüüsi, Helli Aas, Kert Elliott Mägi.

Supervisor sculptor and Head of the Pallas Sculpture Department, Professor Anne Rudanovski. Graphic designer Kert Elliott Mägi.

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Aleksandra Ivask

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Coverphoto: Hullu teadlase labor. Helli Aas. 2024. Photo: Liina Kinks

Jan 11, 2024