Joint exhibition “Art as a liberating experience. Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping ” in gallery Pallas

Art as a liberative act.
Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping.

Starting Saturday November 27 at 11 a.m, a joint exhibition “Art as a liberating experience. Anna Maquet, Kristiine Eliise Kadakas, Mari Viiard, Rea Sepping ”.

The exhibition is inspired by the therapeutic effects of creating art and opens up the inner world of four women to the visitor through their spontaneous works.

This work is centred on the creative process as an opportunity to heal oneself, expressing thoughts, emotions and feelings in the moment. Emphasis is on the process, which becomes a ritual for making contact with one’s inner world. The resultant work can be unexpected, a further reflection for self-discovery.

The authors of the exhibition are ‘Artišokk Sistas’; four women brought together by shared interest in using creation/creativity for therapeutic purpose. They paint, dance, create and discover together.
With interest and curiosity, we have been coming together for 18 months, testing different creative methods in our meetings to share everyday problems, successes and related emotions with each other and ourselves. Together we have experienced the joy of creation and discovery through many artistic experiments and practices. We now feel that it is time to create a space to share these practices with others. It is our hope that this event will encourage visitors to discover the manifestations of their own inner worlds, dive into colour, create therapeutic individual and collective paintings, dance freely and reflect on feelings and emotions experienced throughout these practices.

We want to bring a personal, soul-opening therapeutic art experience to a wider audience.

‘Art as a liberating act’ invites visitors to explore the caves of both the author’s and their own inner worlds, where expression has no boundaries or expectations. ‘We believe that by pushing the boundaries of the word “artist”, we can bring back the creative force into every person’s body, into their hands.’

The exhibition of the creative group Artichoke Sistas in the basement of the gallery will be open until December 18.

NB! All visitors over the age of 18 must present proof of vaccination against COVID-19, or of recent recovery from it, that is not older than 6 months. Masks are mandatory!

Additional information:
Kristiine Eliise Kadakas (in estonian)
+372 56260875
Anna Maquet (in english)
+372 5693 5390

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tuesday-Saturday 11-18
Riia 11, Tartu