International cooperation project “Kasvatatud / Grown” in gallery Pallas

Kasvatatud / Grown
Exhibition in Gallery Pallas 10.03.-02.04.2022
Opening 09.03 at 17.00

Seminar before the opening. 09.03 at 15.30-16.30 introductions by the participants from partner universities: Matilda Dominique, Maja Gunn (HDK-Valand, Sweden), Ieva Krumina (Art Academy of Latvia) and Aet Ollisaar, Kadi Pajupuu (Pallas UAS, Estonia).

Exhibition “Grown” tells the story of an invention. In a 3-day Skeemipesa hackathon in 2016 a team of four under the leadership of Anna Jõgi built a working prototype of a 3D printer that was able to lay weft yarn between the field of vertically supported warp yarns. The author of the idea was textile artist and professor of Pallas University of Applied Sciences Kadi Pajupuu. The technique was named MultiWeave and it has been developed during the applied research project at Pallas UAS, and students of Pallas have developed it in their projects.

In 2021 textile department of Pallas UAS initiated an international cooperation project during which invited artists and students from Latvia, Sweden, Finland and Estonia started to develop MultiWeave as a craft technique that enables to weave unique structures and forms. MultiWeave consists of warp and weft as traditional weaving but the weft yarn can move between and around the warp yarns so that the resulting material is unique in the history of weaving. Participants were encouraged to build their own version of the tools. Everything has not been invented yet!

“Grown” as a theme has inspired the authors to investigate and see the processes what we people try to manage and guide. Flowerbeds and plans, crop rotation and grafting.

Sweden: Emilia Elfvik, Elise Westin, Josefine Lundgren, Lea Firus, Moira Nilsson
Latvia: Ginta Kristjansone, Kate Putniņa, Una Valtere, Ilona Valaine-Blekte, Dace Grīnberga,Šarlote Baškevica, Selīna Paula Sproģe
Finland: Laura Lindström
Estonia: Marilyn Piirsalu, Kadi Pajupuu, Liisi Anderson, India Maria Kiisler, Liisi Tamm, Anett Niine, Lisette Laanoja, Olga Hoch, Andrea Martha Teesaar, Maria Korczynska-Pilm, Maarja Kaasik, Arabella Lippur, Marge Allik.

Curator Kadi Pajupuu

Exhibition design Madis Liplap

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Kadi Pajupuu

Gallery Pallas
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu
+372 734 9954

Coverphoto: Emilia Elfvik, HDK-Valand, Sweden