International artist Uwe Schloen is teaching workshops at Pallas sculpture department

Uwe Schloen is a well-known contemporary artist living in Bremen, Germany. Educated at the college of Hamburg his main works are in painting and sculpture. He has held exhibitions all over the world, but recently Uwe was in Tartu, teaching the students of department of sculpture at Pallas UAS. The program started already back in the spring, when due to the corona virus Uwe taught a workshop online and the focus was mainly on solidifying the students’ ideas. Now, with Uwe present in Estonia, the sketching work has begun, to be continued by choosing the materials and building the sculptures and installation for an exhibition that will take place in Potsdam, Germany 5. March 2021.

This is not Uwe’s first time in Estonia. His first visit was back in 1998 after he got inspired by a documentary about a man who walked the length of the Baltic coast. He came to Estonia and already had his first exhibition then in Tallinn. Since then Uwe has had numerous exhibitions in different locations in Estonia. The most recent one „Hier nicht“ took place over the summer at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia together with Pallas UAS’s sculpture lecturer Jevgeni Zolotko. The next exhibition will be shown in January 2021, at Tartu Art House’s Monumental Gallery. For the last 4 years Uwe has been teaching workshops at Pallas UAS. As he puts it himself: „I want to give something back. I have a good life as an artist.“ The reason why he chose Pallas is because he really wanted to expand the view of German audiences. A few years ago his project with Pallas UAS students led to an installation at the Hamburg sculpture park that got a lot of positive feedback and still stands there today.

Uwe enjoys working with the students of Pallas – they work well together towards a common goal. He has enjoyed seeing the progress over the years and the students appreciate the workshops and international exposure as well. It is a lot of work, but the results are well worth it!

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