“In the Palm of a Hand” Miniature Book Exhibition Opens at Gallery Pallas

On Friday, January 12, at 5:00 PM, the second-floor project room of the Gallery Pallas will host the exhibition “In the Palm of a Hand,” featuring miniature books by two bookbinding artists, Kerli Jõgi and Tiina Kraav.

The title of the exhibition is derived from a Celtic prayer, which the artists first heard from the Pallas University of Applied Sciences´ bookbinding master and mentor Tõnu Ojaperv. Both artists acquired their initial skills in bookbinding and a fascination for small-format books that fit into a palm of a hand under the guidance of Master Tõnu.

As digital dominance grows in the contemporary art and design world, we often tend to forget the traditional and handcrafted. Bookbinding has been a timeless means of connecting us with the past, telling stories in both the language of words and visual aesthetics. Tiina Kraav and Kerli Jõgi boldly venture into the world of miniature books, playing with traditional bookbinding techniques. The exhibition showcases miniature interpretations of four non-adhesive binding techniques, aiming to bring a refreshing approach to both bookbinding and paper books in general, while referencing the historical legacy of how books and bindings have conveyed knowledge and memories for centuries. The choice of the miniature format is prompted by the desire to highlight the risk of the field fading away, as the teaching of bookbinding struggles to maintain its existence in higher education institutions. That is why artists symbolically place their volumes in the palm of a hand, which symbolizes a safe and precious place.

As part of the exhibition, an artists’ tour will take place on February 6 at 5 PM.
The exhibition will remain open until February 10.

For additional information:
Kerli Jõgi

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tue-Sat 11-18
Riia 11, Tartu, Estonia

Coverphoto Kerli Jõgi. 2024

Jan 11, 2024