Georgian lecturer prof. Tinatin Tskhadadze’s visit to Pallas

Last week the long-awaited visit of prof. Tinatin Tskhadadze from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georgia became a reality. The visit was originally planned for spring 2020 but due to the spread of coronavirus and related restrictions it was postponed several times.

Prof. Tinatin Tskhadadze carried our a practical workshop for the 1st year Painting department students from April 4 to 8. The focus was on the synthesis of architecture, painting and sculpture, the materials included photos, canvas, cardboard, paints, brushes, pencils and glue. The aim was to develop compositional thinking, understand the connection of rhythm and composition and create rhythmic composition in different techniques. The 5-day work process culminated with an exhibition of works and individual presentations. The students had nothing but praise regarding the teaching professor, especially highlighting her clear requirements, new ideas and freedom for creative approach. Prof. Tskhadadze expressed her most positive experiences, complimenting the students for their active participation, enthusiasm and excellent results.

Tina has visited Pallas also before, participating in the International Summer School of Pallas in 2019 in the frame of which teams of students and supervisors from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Estonia created jointly a wall painting in the centre of Tartu. The highly positive memories of Estonia were this time not influenced even by the arctic weather and blizzards she experienced in Tartu last week having arrived from a plus 27 degree summery Tbilisi.

The visit of prof. Tskhadadze took place in the frame of Erasmus+ credit mobility project. In 2020 Mia Melanie Saar from the Painting department of Pallas studied in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and Michael-Ichqit Gurgenidze from Georgia studied during one semester at the Leather Design department of Pallas. Tina’s visit was the first of staff mobilities. This week the Head of Leather Design Department, prof. Rene Haljasmäe is carrying out a workshop for Tbilisi students. All parties are interested in cooperatin also in the future.

Photos by Margus Meinart.