Exhibition “The Suffering of the Animal of Poetry” by the young painter Renate Ermel

Renate Ermel galeriis Pallas Luulelooma kannatused

On Thursday, September 22 at 5 p.m., the exhibition “The Suffering of the Animal of Poetry” by the young painter Renate Ermel will be opened in the Pallas gallery, the first since her Pallas graduation.

The author of the exhibition has always treated poetry more like a hand that lifts the lid of a cauldron so that the water does not boil over, than the praising of joy, giving emotions and experiences a more solid shape. Inspired by this, she has given form to that helping hand that wrecks its head all the time to get all these abhorrent things out of its mind by turning them into lines of poetry. Later, adapting them into something the author would like to share with others.

The animal of poetry represents the author’s struggle within herself trying to create a presentable work. Imagining the emotions and stages that accompany the completion of a poem. Of course, there are also several failures and experiments that find themselves crumpled in assemblages.

Renate Ermel graduated in the spring of 2022 from the Pallas Art School’s painting department. The first presentation of her work “Sumbumas” took place in 2020 at the Kuldre Noortekeskus. Later, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions at the Kontrastikunst event in Vana-Antsla and at the Antsla Kultuurikeskus. This “The Suffering of the Animal of Poetry” will be Renate’s first exhibition in a gallery.
During her high school days, she published a poetry book with her own illustrations, “Meie otsime”. While studying at Pallas, Renate Ermel was an annual participant in poetry evenings held as part of Tartu Student Days. Several works presented at events have been used in making the assemblages in the exhibition.

Renate Ermel’s personal exhibition “The Suffering of the Animal of Poetry” is open in the Pallas gallery until October 22.

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Coverphoto Renate Ermel “Kõik on olnud” (2022, oil)