Exhibition of the Sculpture and Leather Design departments in Gallery Pallas


There´s someone behind every window.
The exhibition of the Sculpture and Leather Design departments of Pallas Universtiy of Applied Sciences
6 – 22 May 2021

„There´s someone behind every window“ is a window exhibition inspired by a zen-garden. The exhibition is up from the evening of 6th May 2021 in Pallas Gallery and stays open until May 22th. What makes you happy? So deeply happy that your eyes burst into flames and tear up at the same time? Is it possible to recreate those positive feelings artificially and specially in these difficult times?

The Sculpture and Leather Design and Restoration departments of Pallas Universtiy of Applied Sciences collaborated and created this window display to show a world full of sweet happiness and peace. Behind the glass you can see an installation symbolizing where everyone is able to achieve unconditional joyfulness, peace and do your soul good. It can be done with different activities to the liking, wether it´s meditating, yoga, playing with your dog, rakeing patterns in sand, danceing or something completely else. Step out of the box! Do what makes you happy, even if it seems weird to somebody.

The collaboration of two different mediums and materials – sculpture and leather – is what makes this exhibition special. Close to the windows there are videos of people doing activities that spark them joy and also works of art that are the outcome of hard work made with love and care can be seen. Outside on the pavement there is the stone of wishes that brings love, fortune, health and everything you might wish for, to you.

Authors of the exhibited works: Heili Rungi, Reelika Harlašov, Urmo Teekivi, Urmas Aavik, Gloria Niin, Liina Kinks, Jonna Kubu, Rivo Mändmets, Andreas Tukmann, Olger Lehtsaar, Kelly Alloja, Daniil Piskun, Helli Aas, Eeva Ruth Niitvägi, Joonas Kirsipuu, Moira Fischer, Mette Post, Ketter Mägi, Enriko Saar, Kelly Teidla, Liis Tisler, Riina Raudson, Netty Muld, Evelin Kõur, Kullake-Aleksandra Kask, Stefani Vissel, Kristi Ploom.

Curators: Gloria Niin, Liina Kinks, Urmas Aavik, Jonna Kubu, Daniil Piskun, Kullake-Aleksandra Kask, Stefani Vissel, Evelin Kõur.

Tutor of the curator´s team: Gertrud Kinna.

The exhibition „There´s someone behind every window“ is open all day long from 6th-22th May.

For more information:
Gloria Niin

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954,
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu


Cover photo by Liina Kink “Iga akna taga peitub inimene”