Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding. Scripta manent VI „Forestonia. Estwald. Mine Metsa!“

Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding
Scripta manent VI „Forestonia. Estwald. Mine Metsa!“

From 3rd August the Harju County Library will host the Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding “Scripta manent VI”. The exhibition is organised by the Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders. The exhibition is a continuation of the international exhibition competition held last year in the ARS Project room, which was attended by 130 artists from 15 countries.

“Scripta manent“ (meaning ‘written words remain’ in Latin) is held in Tallinn every five years. Introducing the very best selection of Estonian culture to the world wide audience has been the focal idea of organisers right from the very first exhibition in 1995. Among texts that have been bound earlier, mention may be made of poetry by beloved Estonian authors Doris Kareva and Jaan Kaplinski, music lecture materials from one of Estonia’s most iconic composers Veljo Tormis, an anthology of poetry by young Estonian writers and fairytales created by Estonian children.

31 Estonian artists have been selected for this exhibition. This year a short story collection ¨Forestonia. Estwald. Mine metsa!“ from Valdur Mikita has been used as the text block for their bindings. The trilingual volume has been published jointly with the Estonian Literature Centre. The exposition offers vivid examples of vigorous artistic bookbinding.
The international jury selected three bindings which were equally eye-catching as for their high level of artistry and brilliantly innovative concept. Authors of these works were awarded the grand prize of the exhibition – the Golden Book. Additional 10 outstanding bindings were recognised with incentive prizes and two participants received special prizes in the best binding by a student category. A catalog appeared.

Participants of the exhibition Tiina Kraav (Golden Book Award), Anni Vallsalu (Best Student´s Award – Pallas University of Applied Sciences), Tiia Eikholm, Rene Haljasmäe/Tarrvi Laamann, Eve Kaaret, Sirje Kriisa, Rünno Kulver, Maila Käos, Ivi Laas, Kert Lokotar-Reimann, Rein Maantoa, Rutt Maantoa, Ruuda Maarand, Lennart Mänd, Kaire Olt, Kadri Paloveer, Jaana Päeva, Maarja Roolaht, Tähti Roostalu, Naima Suude, Signe Taremaa, Tulvi-Hanneli Turo, Irmeli Vaher-Jaanson, Tiiu Vijar, Esta Voss, Luule Maar, Kiira Kadarik, Carolyn Pulk-Piatkowska, Tiiu Jalakas and Inna Grinchel ( ).

The organizing committee of the exhibition was awarded the Visual and Applied Arts endowment of Cultural Endowment of Estonia 2020 annual award. The exhibition at the Harju County Library will be open until 29th of September 2022.

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