Exhibition “LEND 2021” at gallery Pallas

Lend 2021 at gallery Pallas. Photo by Laura Auer

Until 10th of July one can view the works of this year’s graduates of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences as a part of the exhibition “LEND 2021” at gallery Pallas. The thirteenth consecutive graduates’ exhibition at the school’s gallery in Tartu displays 41 works on three floors. Four graduates’ works are site-specific art and restoration projects located outside the gallery.

Traditionally, subject matter was drawn from distant and recent history, from life and memory on land and under water. It included considerations in the figurative language, the current state and future of the self-image and social roles in general. The completed works offer real opportunities for the reuse of objects and waste, and for smarter and more sustainable development of the design and, especially, fashion.

The year 2021 graduates also had to tackle with the COVID restrictions and works that used different types of art, video, textiles, painting and other means of expression were born as effective solutions.

According to Vallo Nuust, Rector of Pallas, who participated in all evaluation committees, the grades of all graduates ranged from good to excellent despite the COVID restriction, even though the graduates had to work harder than usual this year and find creative solutions in their practical work.

Will art save the world – yes, but all forty-five must now prove it.

Pallas’ graduates’ exhibition includes: Agathe-Marie Sarap, Anni Vallsalu, Ann-Liis Säärits, Berta Kisand, Brita Maripuu, Britta Mõttus, Carmen Kurg, Claire Pixie Aunison, Elise Rohtaas, Emely Sulg, Ester Must, Eva Kram, Gerthrud Grents, Heili Rungi, Helen Kangro, Iris Järg, Iris Krantsiveer, Janne Randma, Joosep Sepp, Kaidi Mikk, Kail Kuresoo, Karmen Macachor, Kelin Kuznetsova, Kelly Alloja, Kristin Kaskema, Liidia Maier, Liis Tisler, Liisa Lääne, Liisi Seli, Malle Soosaar, Mari-Liis Roots, Maris Paal, Nancy Klaos, Olivia Jõgi, Paul Poderat, Raido Randoja, Rain Jaaksoo, Randel Saveli, Reelika Harlašov, Silver Laadi, Siret Bugajev, Taaniel Tambet, Taavi Kivisilla, Tuule-Mari Kaarna and Urmo Teekivi.

The designer of the exhibition is Madis Liplap, the head designer of Pallas.

Gallery Pallas
Tue-Sat 11-18
Riia 11, Tartu
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Cover photo: Carmen Kurg. Reaalsuste vahel. Photo by Luisa Greta Vilo