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Exhibition Day Palace by Huupi.
4th on August – 27th of August 2021

Opening of the exhibition Day Palace by Huupi is on the 6th of August at 6 o’clock PM.

Exhibition Day Palace depicts Huupi’s attempt to decode something that is not dependent on people – the changing of colours in time and something descriptive and imaginary – time itself in which we measure ourselves.

Day Palace is a series of paintings that combines colour and architecture, light and shadow. The titles of the works are timestamps that mark the movement of light in time and space. The only truly existing element of the paintings is light and shadow from timezone UTC/GMT -6.

Day Palace does not appeal to realism; the passage of time equals the movement of light, since it is by the movement of light that people (who cannot impact this movement) tell time.

Huupi (Evelin Zolotko) obtained art education at the Tartu Art College Pallas in 2008 and Tartu University (MA) 2012. Huupi has been active on the art scene since 2005 when she participated at the exhibition MITMIK at the Tallinn Art Hall and won the Special Prize. In 2016 she received the Ado Vabbe prize for her solo exhibition Plat Principal. Huupi is a member of NAK and Tartu Artist Union.

Artist talk about the exhibition Day Palace with Huupi is on the 26th of August at 5 o’clock PM.

Day can be viewed in the Gallery Pallas from the 4th of August until the 27th of August.

Exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


Huupi 2021.


Additional information:
Huupi (Evelin Zolotko)
+372 55 69 48 48

Gallery Pallas
Riia 11, Tartu
+372 7349954
Tue – Sat 11AM -18PM

Cover photo: Huupi. 14:23. 2021. Oil, canvas. Photo Huupi.