Exhibition by the students and teachers of Department of Sculpture in gallery Pallas

On Thursday, 27th of October at 17.00, the exhibition called „Amatores“ by the students and teachers of Pallas University of Applied Sciences Department of Sculpture opens in the main gallery and basement.

At exhibitions, we’re more used to seeing works created by the artists, but this time we want to examine what happens before the art – give an idea of how a sculptor, or more broadly an artist, sees the world. What are the objects that interest them, what aesthetic and meaningful experiences they offer. What thoughts arise when they look at the world like a child who sees fantastical creatures in the clouds above.

We will show you objects that have been picked by the students, teachers and friends of the sculpture department of Pallas. Although the reasoning behind some objects might remain obscure, they aren’t random junk. Every object carries something that has caught the artists eye, forced them to look at themselves again and again, has not allowed them to be given up. The objects can be accompanied by the tender hope that one day they could be used in artworks or as sources of inspiration, to find a place for them that would justify their continued existence.

One of the biggest traps that many find themselves in is the materialism of todays world – many care about things more than people and ideas. With this also comes the “better than my neighbor” mentality: for happiness and joy you always need new things to not fall behind others and ultimately gain some sort of superiority over them. Unfortunately this constant need for newer, bigger and more expensive stuff is far from loving the objects themselves – they are seen as symbols of status without ever going deeper. On the other hand, materialism as the caring for things might hold the escape from the vicious cycle of consumption. To look at things and see the aesthetic and interesting, marvel at the ingenuity of a tool and the beauty of natural objects and finding ways to use seemingly pointless clutter is to be in contact with reality, to be fascinated with the uniqueness of objects, to find the extraordinary in everything that surrounds us.

Students and graduates in the exhibition: Helli Aas, Aleksandra Ivask, Greete Jalast, Raigo Kannike, Gertrud Kinna (graduate), Viktor Kiss, Olger Lehtsaar (graduate), Helene Lüüsi, Karmen Macachor (graduate), Aurora Mikk, Kert Elliot Mägi, Eeva Ruth Niitvägi, Tõru-Tõnn Parts, Andi Poolak, Lotta Karoliina Räsänen, S. Tsäko, Andreas Tukmann, Carmen Õõbik and teachers Rasmus Eist, Dmitri Gorbushin, Rauno Thomas Moss and Tõnis Paberit.

Curator: Eeva Ruth Niitvägi, Graphic design: Kert Elliot Mägi

Thank you to the Pallas University of Applied Sciences sculpture department, Gallery Pallas and everyone else who helped in the making of the exhibition!

Supported by Eesti Kultuurkapital and Vein ja Vine. #kulka #kulkatoetab

For additional information:
Eeva-Ruth Niitvägi

Gallery Pallas
Riia 11, Tartu
Tue-Sat 11-18


Coverphoto: Kert Elliott Mägi, Aurora Mikk, Andi Poolak, Andreas Tukmann.