Estonian Watercolorists’ Association exhibition “Diverse Watercolor” at gallery Pallas

Diverse Watercolor. Estonian Watercolorists’ Association
25.10- 25.11.2023
Gallery Pallas

On Wednesday, 25th October at 17, the Estonian Watercolorists’ Association exhibition “Diverse Watercolor” will open at gallery Pallas in Tartu.

The exhibition features members of the Estonian Watercolorists’ Association who use watercolor as their primary technique, as well as artists for whom it has become a captivating means of expression alongside other art disciplines.

The display, consisting of works from 27 different artists, addresses the watercolor painting technique from a contemporary perspective and within the context of modern art. We explore the opportunities in contemporary art for working with the watercolor medium. The range of individual styles is broad, and the artworks exude freedom and improvisation.

Participating artists: Agne Kuusing-Soome, Airi Aas, Anneliis Vabul, Christel Allik, Erki Kannus, Eleny Kasemets, Eero Ijavoinen, Enno Ootsing, Eve Ermann, Illimar Paul, Kairi Orgusaar, Kelli Valk, Kerstin Rei, Lea Malin, Marje Üksine, Mari Roosvalt, Mariann Hakk-Eve, Marju Bormeister, Naima Neidre, Rein Mägar, Sergei Minin, Zhanna Toht, Takinada, Tiiu Pallo-Vaik, Tuuli Puhvel, Tuuliki Tolli, Ülle Kuldkepp.

On 10th November at 17.00 there will be a discussion at gallery Pallas with Harry Liivrand on the topic “Intimacy and Mastery: Estonian Watercolor”.

Exhibition curators Mari Roosvalt and Kerstin Rei.

The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment.

For more information:
Mari Roosvalt
+372 551 4039

Estonian Watercolorists’ Association:

Gallery Pallas
+372 7349954

Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

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Coverphoto Illiamar Paul. Autumn.2023

Oct 21, 2023