Eluilulisus. Joint exhibition of the 3rd course of the Pallas University textiles department

Eluilulisus. Joint exhibition of the 3rd course of the Pallas University textiles department
29.11.2023 – 06.01.2024

On Wednesday, 29th of November at 17:00, the third course of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences textile department will open their joint exhibition “Eluilulisus” at the Pallas Gallery.

The exhibition “Eluilulisus” invites to reflect on the beauty of routine, the search for answers and the delicate balance between the physical and digital worlds in modern existence. The exhibition “Eluilulisus” features video installations by five young artists on how they navigate the complexities of their daily lives and the ways they try to overcome them.

India Kiisler (2002) is an interdisciplinary artist who combines textile art, fashion, installation, video and photography with performance. Kiisler uses art to tell absurd, surreal and everyday stories. Indias work explores the individual personality, body, gender and sexuality in a market society.
Sofia Lanman (2001) artistic career began in an exceptionally difficult environment in Narva, where were at the time plagued by many challenges, including gangsters and drug addicts. The childhood spent in this environment was full of tensions and misunderstandings, and these experiences strongly shaped her creative process. Sofia’s art reflects the experiences of her adolescence and the shadows of society. She is committed to exploring post-Soviet aesthetics, depicting the atmosphere of decay and rebirth that characterized her hometown and the era. 
Marite Rikkas (2001) is a young artist who is fascinated by visual storytelling, fashion history and ethnic textile art and the staging side of (fashion) art. Her works are bright, light and joyful in tone and tell stories of what Marite has come to think and notice in her twenty-two years of life.
Brigitte Mihkelson (2000) is an artist interested in timeless beauty, expressing herself through painting, textiles and fashion. The overarching style is romanticized modern baroque. The artist uses thoughtful and environmentally friendly material solutions, taking ideas from mythology, life and emotions.
Kristiin Kuuslap (2002) is a textile artist but her work also includes printmaking and watercolor. However, her work is most often concerned with fashion projects. Her art often deals with death, loneliness and nature. She has been influenced a lot by the punk and gothic movements. In addition, she has been inspired by a number of absurdist writers, which has led her to focus on the questions of identity. 

The free public programme will take place on the 16th of December from 15:00 till 18:00. In the public programme, all those interested can create a collective collage together, expressing in a free technique how they feel about modern existence and what emotions they associate with the complexity of everyday life. The collage will be exhibited in the gallery until the end of the exhibition.

Artists would like to thank supervisor Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins.

Graphic designer: India Kiisler. Sponsors: Art & Tonic, Reklaamikompanii.

Additional info:
Marite Rikkas
marite.rikkas@pallasart.ee phone number 58416911

Gallery Pallas
+372 734 9954
Tue-Sat 11-18, Riia 11, Tartu

India Kiisler. Eluilulisus. 2023. Kollaaž. Näitus Pallase galeriis

Photo: India Kiisler. Eluilulisus. 2023. Collage.