Department of Media Design’s exhibition KAST/BOX at Gallery Pallas

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Pallas University of Applied Sciences, Department of Media Design
Gallery Pallas

On Friday the 27th of November, the exhibition “KAST” (“the BOX”) opens at the gallery Pallas (formerly gallery Noorus), celebrating the 20th birthday of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences Department of Media Design.

The exhibition showcases works by the graduates and teachers of Media Design Curriculum. The works of the designers and students, who have been educated at Pallas over the past 20 years, are varied in content, intention and technique, thus surely bringing inspiration and surprises to students and a wider audience alike.
Why BOX? Box is a simple rectangular item meant for storing and transporting things. There are apple boxes, ballot boxes, mailboxes, sandboxes… there are big and small, heavy and light boxes. But there are also thought boxes – these are boxes, which creative people are trying to break out of, to find original ideas. But sometimes it’s nice and comfortable to be in a box. That’s why our students have decided to invite the successful graduates back into the box, to gather all the new-found inspiration they have obtained from the outside world in one place. Also the works of professors are on display who have educated the former and current students.
Led by Olav Villmann and Are Tralla, the current department grew out of the Computer Graphics program started in 1997. Jaanus Eensalu has been the head of the department since 2008. The strength of Media and Advertising design curriculum is the diversity: during their studies the students deal with various fields that fit the concepts of graphic and media design.

The exhibition is curated by 4th year students of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences Department of Media Design Kristiina Johanna Feldmann, Krista Kattel, Berta Kisand, Elisabeth Teinburg, Ronald Eiland, Rain Jaaksoo, Paul Poderat and Joosep Sepp.
Main sponsors: Gallery Pallas and Pallas University of Applied Sciences
Sponsors: Trükikoda Paar, Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Fleet Complete, Sixfold, WideWise, Akzo Nobel Baltic, Pakendikeskus, Salibar, Kuues Planeet, Haine Paelavabrik, Reflector.
Special thanks to: Jaanus Eensalu, Emma Eensalu, Ardo Sägi, Katrin Ojaots, Mart Männik, Maiken Austin, Vallo Nuust, Kadri Paberit, Reet Pulk-Piatkowska and others.

Due to the current circumstances, we ask that all in attendance adhere to the 2+2 rule, wear the masks and those who have symptoms stay home.

Further information:
Krista Kattel
+372 56506708

Exhibition KAST Press release 20.11.2020

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