Color around and inside of us. Talia, Alexander ja Heiliri

Photo Talia. Maal ruumis. 2022


Color around and inside of us.
Talia, Alexander ja Heiliri
Gallery Pallas

“Color around and inside of us” – a joint exhibition by Talia, Alexander and Heiliri – is open from Thursday, February 3 on the basement floor of Gallery Pallas.

The artists have gathered inspiration for the works in display primarily from the surrounding world. The exhibition invites spectators along to a journey where they can meet old and thought-provoking, new and flowing, peculiar and aesthetic feelings coursing through time and space. The present is the future, the beauty and pain of living. Formular opportunity, to be free or chained. These are some of the thoughts that characterize the works of the joint exhibition by Talia, Alexander and Heiliri.

Talia is a painting and installation artist. A student at the Pallas University of Applied Sciences since 2017, who has studied at Anadolu University in Turkey and has performed several solo and group exhibitions in her homeland and abroad.

Alexander’s creative journey began a few years ago when the need arose to create something artistically unique. Having previously been exposed to the national wood industry, Alexander wanted to develop his own creative handwriting. Experimenting with new materials has led him to 3D printing and creating miniature scenes.

Heiliri, as a graduate of the Pallas Sculpture Department, has also participated in several solo and group exhibitions. Having gotten a taste of many different creative fields, the artist has now set out to broaden her field of experience and has started studying to be an art teacher.

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